Decoding the Mysteries of A.I. for the Fraud-Fighting Community – Recording Available

All in on A.I.? Decoding the Mysteries of A.I. for the Fraud-Fighting Community.

Panel Discussion – September 30, 2020 – Recording Available

An exclusive look at new Coalition Against Insurance Fraud research exploring artificial intelligence in fraud-fighting technology. This new research seeks to help explain the differences in the various technologies and A.I. techniques used to detect insurance fraud. The study includes the findings from an online survey of 30 insurers representing a significant share of the property/casualty insurance market. The report also includes comments from interviews with several leading insurers that have successfully implemented A.I. into their anti-fraud technology. During this exclusive event, anti-fraud experts discuss new NAIC recommendations, the impact on SIUs, and the fear of model bias in automated claims evaluations.

Our Featured Panelists Include:

  • Armand Glick, Fraud Director, Utah Department of Insurance
  • David Rioux, Erie Insurance Company, Coalition Research Committee Member
  • Dan Donovan, Head of Customer Success, Shift Technology
  • Peter Kochenburger, NAIC Consumer Representative, UConn School of Law
  • Matthew J. Smith, Executive Director, Coalition Against Insurance Fraud


Watch the recording Now!

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