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Webinar: Removing the ‘vs’ from ‘Human vs. AI’ (hosted by Reuters)

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The last 2 years have seen carriers asking their tech teams to make 2-year goals into 6-month targets. Carriers are seeing the implementation of AI not just as necessary, but as a priority. This brings with it several issues. 

Perhaps most significantly, is the issue of ascertaining the balance between the AI and human sides of the process, in order to maximize efficiency. It is also vital for every insurer to correctly identify where AI works best for them - or face wasting millions of dollars.

Join panelists from Shift Technology, Nationwide, Travelers, and State Compensation Insurance Fund as they look to navigate problems surrounding the ‘Humans vs. AI’ argument and provide tangible examples of where AI systems have worked well alongside human input, as well as where they have struggled. This will be explored via three core topics:

    • Rebuild vs. Bolt-on: Whether you’re completely rebuilding your systems or ‘bolting-on’ to a legacy system, discover how to use AI in conjunction with humans, to successfully revolutionize insurance systems and processes

    • Internal Stakeholder Buy-In: Accelerate adoption across business units to maximize effectiveness of your new capabilities. How do you help your people get the most from AI?

      • Real-life case studies of AI-human integration: Discover how AI is accelerating customer satisfaction gains and profitability, through multiple business functions, be it claims or fraud.



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