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Join Shift Technology this year at NHCAA ATC in Dallas, TX November 6-9, 2023.

Each year, NHCAA ATC hosts the nation's leading conferences on the latest developments and FWA issues affecting healthcare. This year, Shift will be joining NHCAA to present industry solutions that help health plans make better decisions through technology and deep healthcare expertise. 

Come to Booth #201 and learn about how Shift can help health plans uncover 4x more FWA, increase detection accuracy, and boost investigative efficiency.

Can’t make it to the booth? Attend the Shift session - The real AI: Demystifying AI for investigators on November 7th at 10:50 am. Whether we’re in our industry bubble or consuming content in everyday life, it’s safe to say we’re now bombarded with artificial intelligence buzzwords, terminology and seemingly magic capabilities. When it comes to AI for investigators, how are you telling the buzzwords from the true AI-powered capabilities apart?

The following topics will be covered during this session:

  • Provide clear definitions and real-world use cases of AI, including concepts such as predictive models and Generative-AI
  • Discuss strategies for ethical, accurate AI-powered decisions
  • Outline the benefits of AI-powered techniques for investigators


See you at the NHCAA Annual Training Conference!