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Subrogation Detection

Identify Subrogation Recovery Opportunities With Greater Speed and Accuracy

Increase recovery potential with granular subrogation detection decisions

Property & Casualty Insurers are missing $20B in potential recoveries annually. Shift’s AI-based approach can help.

We help insurers accurately identify subrogation opportunities at scale and recommend handler actions that improve recovery outcomes - reducing claims leakage while providing a top-tier customer experience.

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AI analysis of subrogation opportunities that identifies the best chance to recover and reduce costs with prioritized recommendations.

Reduce false positives and save wasted time

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Focus handlers on the subrogation opportunities and recovery details that will drive positive outcomes.

Timely and comprehensive alerts

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Local handling requirements

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Helping Insurers Increase Subrogation Recoveries

“At the same time, it’s not always easy to identify those claims for which another insurer or third-party is responsible or partially responsible. By applying the power of artificial intelligence and data science to these problems, we can avoid paying non-meritorious claims, improve identification of all claims with subrogation potential to ensure proper loss payment recovery, and overall keep premiums lower for our policyholders.”
Vice President, Claims

Shift Subrogation Detection improving the efficacy of recovery efforts by providing timely and contextual alerts to improve handler execution.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Make Subrogation Viable And Valuable?

Subrogation offers insurers the important chance to reduce claim costs by assigning full or partial responsibility to another party. It is most commonly used in automotive insurance, but can also be applied to property claims, renter’s insurance, and policies covering possessions such as phones or appliances. But opportunities for subrogation can be missed, which likely costs insurers billions of dollars each year. Why do insurers sometimes miss subrogation opportunities?


Customer Success Stories

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Dramatic Increase in “Net New” Recovery Opportunities

“The potential benefits in this area are tremendous. We are new to this approach, but seeing immediate results from the subrogation referrals that Shift delivers.”
Vice President, Claims
Top 20 Property & Casualty Insurer
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Millions in Annual Savings from Improved Recovery

“We continue to see YOY increases in recoveries through improved, AI-based subrogation detection.”
Subrogation Operations Lead
Leading Personal Property Insurer

Learn how Shift can help you increase subrogation recovery potential with AI