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Webinar: December 2nd, 2021

Insurance claims are becoming more complex, and claim volumes are increasing—and it’s hard to hire and train experienced claims adjusters. If you can’t scale your workforce traditionally, you can still use artificial intelligence to increase their capabilities in other ways.

Agents, CSRs, and brokers aren’t usually empowered to resolve claims on their own, but adding AI assistance gives them the tools and knowledge they need. This way, you can use your frontline workers to handle simpler claims, reducing the workload on your experienced adjusters and freeing them to handle more complex problems.

If you want to know the specifics, join Marcel Gordon, VP of Product at Shift Technology, alongside our Head of Communications Rob Morton for our webinar, “Bringing Insurance Decisioning to Salesforce: Empower More Insurance Professionals to Close Claims as Quickly, Accurately and Fairly as Possible.” During our demonstration on December 2, you’ll learn how you can integrate existing claims automation systems like Salesforce for AI from Shift Technology, allowing you to extend the power of AI to your workforce. With their new capabilities, you’ll be able to resolve claims faster and more accurately—leading to much happier customers.

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