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Each year, AHIP hosts the nation's leading conferences on the latest developments and issues affecting the healthcare industry.  This year, Shift will be joining AHIP to present industry solutions that help insurers make better decisions through technology and  deep healthcare expertise. Come to Booth #1006 and learn about some of our key benefits to health plans:

  • Identify more fraud, waste and abuse cases
  • Superior network fraud detection
  • Reduce fraud losses and improper payments
  • Fewer false positives and negatives
  • Improved investigator efficiency
  • Faster path to ROI with SaaS deployment
  • Continually updated fraud models and other enhancements
  • Deep healthcare data science expertise

On June 22nd join Shift and Integrity Advantage in Theatre #2 in the Exhibition Hall where the two organizations will explore the rise and impact of clinical trial fraud within the area of Alzheimer’s Dementia treatments. Participants in this session will gain a deeper understanding of the Alzheimer's clinical trials landscape, the red flags of a fake clinical trial, and how advanced analytics can help to identify these schemes.

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