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Guidewire moderator, industry veteran and former insurance auditor Michael Anderson explores solutions and the tools that can detect and prevent fraud and investigate claims quickly and accurately. Joined by ecosystem partners, Shift Technology and Social Discovery, attendees will learn how new, complex fraud cases are solved. Solutions like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and social reporting drive ROI across diverse processes to empower speed, accuracy, empowering claims, and SIU teams. 
From this recording, you’ll learn
  • The Evolving Challenge of Fraud Detection: How complex and evolving fraud cases are being solved with machine learning and AI Decisioning
  • Strengthening Detection Accuracy: The importance of data quality and “Accurate Intelligence” – the second AI -  in detecting claims fraud
  • Trends Impacting Claims Fraud Detection: How data privacy, AI explainability, and customer expectation for fast resolution are impacting fraud investigation
  • Setting Fraud KPIs: Measuring the impact of fraud detection to the business, including referral accuracy, case resolution, and customer satisfaction
Our Presenters:
Michael Anderson, Global Practice Leader, Guidewire Marketplace
Arnaud Grapinet, Chief Data Scientist, Shift Technology
Allan Stark, CEO, Social Discovery