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Financial Crime Detection

Avoid Costly Fines and Reputational Damage

Support AML, KYC, and related risk management & compliance processes with an automated, AI-powered solution

In the US, $300B is laundered annually. Shift can help.

We help insurers accelerate entity identification and checks against sanctions, watchlists, adverse media, and suspicious transactions, defeating bad actors and ensuring regulatory compliance in real time.

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Necessary checks and regulatory reporting can delay  the buying process. Shift enables insurers to automate time-intensive tasks to get more customers on board quicker.

Reduce false positives and save wasted time

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Shift's best-in-class entity resolution minimizes false positives through deduplication and data cleansing.

Configurable sanctions and WLM to focus checks

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Automated adverse media search to save hours

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Helping Insurers comply effortlessly

“59% of compliance officers (COs) revealed that they felt ‘burnt out’, with 69% admitting that they were stressed about the pace of changing regulations”
Compliance Officer Working Conditions, Stress & Mental Health 2022 Report, CCI

Shift’s Financial Crime Detection automates checks and screening processing in seconds that used to take a team days, allowing you to significantly increase your coverage and confidence.

Infographic: Financial Crime Real World Scenarios

Find out more about the real world scenarios Shift customers have uncovered using Shift Financial Crime Detection.


Customer Success Stories


Seamless sanctions checking

“This global health insurer has deployed sanctions and PEP checks, AI risk scoring and unusual scenario detection successfully replacing legacy approaches and increasing efficiency.”
Tier 1 Health Insurer
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Hundreds of suspicious scenarios detected

“In just 5 months, 150+ suspicious scenarios, with likelihood of money laundering activity were detected across 14M claims, resulting in significant risk mitigation.”
Tier 1 Life Insurer