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Event | March 21-22, 2023 | Copenhagen, DK

Meet Shift at our booth during Insurance Innovators Nordics, on March 21-22 at Radisson Blu Scandinavia in Copenhagen. If you wish to meet our team, don’t hesitate to fill in the form to secure a meeting.

Panel Discussion - 3:45pm

Minimising friction in counter-fraud: meeting the CX challenge?

  • Will digital IDs finally resolve the solution to the fraud vs friction conflict?

  • How are biometrics and behaviometrics evolving?

  • The balancing act: how can security and compliance be achieved alongside convenience and accessibility?

  • How can frictionless checks be embedded throughout the customer journey?

  • The automation Achilles heel: how can STP be applied to low-value, high-volume claims while minimising fraud risks? 

  • From banking to gaming: what lessons can insurers learn from other industries?


Jonas Johansson, Head of Customer Experience, Trygg-Hansa
Jonas Johansson, Trygg-Hansa

Head of Customer Experience

Margareta Bogatir Studdert, Head of Customer Experience and Data, Folksam
Margareta Bogatir Studdert, Folksam

Head of Customer Experience and Data

Brian Egested, Head of Fraud, Alm.brand
Brian Egested, Alm.brand

Head of Fraud

Marc Yeates
Marc Yeates, Shift Technology

Customer Success Manager - UK/I & Nordics