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Shift will be at IASIU 2024 this year and is thrilled to showcase Case Management for Claims Fraud Detection - the next generation of case management!

Are you interested in a more holistic fraud-fighting strategy? What if you could investigate more cases, faster and more effectively, while ensuring an impeccable audit trail?  Come by our booth to learn more!

Our team of SIU professionals and fraud product managers will show you:

  • End-to-end workflows from referral generation to impact management across all lines of business and referral sources
  • Features designed to support the most complex multi-claim provider and network investigations
  • A fully integrated extension of Shift’s AI capabilities to support and accelerate case investigation, combining the value of detection and investigation into one seamless solution and user experience
  • Continuous tracking of fraud trends and investigation performance to train and organize SIU teams

We can’t wait to see you there, don’t forget to grab swag and enter our raffle!

Shift on Stage!
Tuesday, August 27th @1:30pm - Beyond the Evidence Minefield: Conducting Robust Investigations with Data and AI Integrity
Speakers: Alicia Holmes, Shift Technology Head of Solutions Consultants
& Vince Gerbino, Bruno Gerbino Soriano & Aitken, Managing Partner 

Join Alicia and Vince as they explore the intersection of investigations, data privacy, and AI, to help equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to conduct robust, ethical, and legally sound investigations in today's rapidly changing landscape.

Subject Matter Experts

Alicia Holmes

SIU & Claims Consultant, Shift Technology

Alicia Holmes is an SIU and Claims consultant at Shift Technology. Alicia specializes in fraud detection and prior to joining Shift spent close to 25 years at State Farm where she managed SIU, Major Case and Complex PIP Teams. Alicia is also on the government affairs committee at the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, and is passionate about strategies to identify fraud faster and making an impact on the industry.

Aditi Saraf 07 - Edited
Aditi Saraf

Senior Product Manager, Shift Technology

Aditi Saraf is a senior product manager at Shift with 13+ years experience designing and managing solutions/products for the P&C Insurance market. She currently leads Shift product efforts for fraud and subrogation decisions globally. Aditi is based in San Francisco, USA.

Rick Villela-1
Rick Villela

Customer Success Manager - P&C, Shift Technology

Rick Villela joined Shift after a 29 year career at State Farm. His experiences include P&C claims, claims leadership, as well as extensive experience leading teams in process design and implementation. Rick is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. He holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Utah Eccles School of Business and a variety of industry designations, including CPCU®️, CLU®️, and ChFC®️.