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December 9th: Join the Shift Keynote at Transform Finance APAC

Virtual Event

Insurance fraud is endemic within the industry—according to our estimates, as many as 10% of all claims contain some element of fraud. With that said, most insurers would probably admit that their fraud detection solutions aren’t flagging 10% of all their claims.

Insurance fraud can be difficult to detect because of the nuance within the overarching category. In other words, fraud can be committed by individuals or groups, and it can be committed spontaneously or as part of a plan. How do these different types of fraud stand out among a sea of claims data?

For more information, watch the session on Shift Technology at Transform Finance on December 9th 2021. Our keynote session, “The Many Facets of Fraud: How AI Can Help You Spot Them All,” explores the ways in which insurers can take advantage of artificial intelligence to see patterns that human investigators can’t. 

Kamala Wedding, Customer Success Manager at Shift Technology, provides actionable insights that will help insurers detect fraud no matter what form it takes. Insurers will not only save money as a result, but they’ll also speed up processing for non-fraudulent claims—leading to a better overall customer experience. Watch the session and learn how your organization can use AI to start detecting more fraud with increased accuracy and speed.