Subrogation Detection

Identify Subrogation Opportunities With Greater Speed and Accuracy.

Shift uses deep insurance AI to analyze every aspect of claims for subrogation opportunities.

Accurately identifying opportunities for subrogation and recovery is critical to insurers’ financial performance. Analyzing claims for subrogation traditionally requires the knowledge and experience of seasoned claims handlers, and can be time consuming and labor intensive. 

Shift Subrogation Detection is an AI-powered solution that quickly and accurately analyzes claims for subrogation potential using claims data combined with vast internal and 3rd party data. It delivers clear guidance on the nature and specifics of the subrogation opportunity to empower claims handlers and improve recovery performance. 

  • AI analysis of all entities involved in a claim

  • AI analysis of all claim documentation

  • Built-in knowledge of local subrogation laws and guidelines

  • Detailed investigative guidance to inform recovery efforts

  • Accurately identify subrogation opportunities

  • Investigate subrogation opportunities more efficiently

  • Shorten recovery timeframes

  • Reduce claim losses

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