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Underwriting Risk Detection

AI Powered Policy Risk and Fraud Detection for P&C Insurers

The first AI platform focused specifically on the needs of Insurers, enabling Underwriters to stop fraud and make fast, fair, and accurate policy decisions

Customers expect a fast and easy insurance experience. Don’t let fraud and risk slow you down.

Shift Underwriting Risk Detection is powered by AI to help underwriters mitigate fraud, optimise pricing, and spot policy risk trends, such as agent gaming, in the portfolio.


Our powerful and continually learning AI provides impact across the policy lifecycle. Whether premium leakage or policy hijacking, ghost broking or fraud networks, Shift enables insurers to find more risk and fraud.

Entity resolution

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Uncover hidden history and connections between policyholders, both past and present, to reveal prior claims and fraud.

Network detection

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Agent gaming

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Helping Insurers Grow with Confidence

“Our ability to better spot suspicious policy activity, to better understand who is seeking a policy and why, and do so quickly and efficiently, ensures that our genuine customers are not inconvenienced by the activities of a few bad actors.”
Gary Hueting, Chief Operating Officer, Markerstudy Insurance Services ltd.

Shift is trusted by leaders of the world’s leading insurers to effectively identify risk and fraud.

Ghost Broking: Using AI to Stop the Growing Risk for Underwriters

Underwriters across the world have been stepping up to the challenges of digital policy fraud by deploying advanced AI, and the result is more than just fraud stopped. Underwriting and Policy Fraud experts James Tesdall and Gareth Evans discuss how Shift’s AI-powered Underwriting Risk Detection is helping insurers bust ghost broking networks across the world, and why AI is uniquely positioned as the tool Underwriters can use to stop this form of policy fraud.


Customer Success Stories


Faster, more confident decisions

“A perfect example of what happens when a customer-first insurer adopts powerful technology”
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£1M leakage found in 12 weeks

“Shift's Underwriting Risk Detection generated more than 3x the expected relevant policy risk alerts”
UK Motor Insurer
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A 360-degree approach

“We can best achieve our goals…by applying the right technology solutions to the challenge”
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Learn how Shift can help you successfully identify, investigate and prevent more fraud