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Insurance Claims in the Age of Innovation
September 6 - 3:00 PM BST

From the rise of IoT to developments in blockchain, there is massive potential to innovate the claims process. 
How will the industry realise the next-generation claims experience? Watch our discussion on September 6.

Panel discussion:

  • Seamless, proactive and speedy: what service will customers come to expect?
  • What is the current state of play in claims? Where do barriers to transformation remain?
  • How will recent developments in AI unlock new capabilities?  How can they be fully realised?
  • Preventing bias and reputational harm: how can insurers ensure fair outcomes for customers?
  • From FNOL to greater personalisation: how can insurers tap into the full potential of IoT? 
  • Blockchain and smart contracts: what are the possibilities for further transformation in claims?
  • Keeping up with the rate of change: how can insurers bring every system into a cohesive whole?
  • The claims model of the future: how can insurers unlock the power of data to deliver innovation?

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