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Today’s insurance-buying process is virtually unrecognisable from just a few decades ago. Gone are the days when our first port of call would be to consult a traditional agent or broker. Today, instead of consulting someone we know personally (and might have used time and time again over decades), most of us will turn to online insurance brokerages and price comparison sites.

In theory, this has made buying insurance much easier. After all, we can now communicate directly with insurers, or get hold of the best possible deal in minutes using an online brokerage. But who’s running all these online brokerages, and can they all be trusted?

In a word, no. The online insurance brokerage space is increasingly being co-opted by bad actors known as ghost brokers. And yes, they’re as frightening as they sound! Ghost brokers sell bogus insurance policies, preying on unsuspecting consumers hunting for the best deal – a group that’s likely to grow as cost-of-living pressures continue to mount. Since they’re usually less familiar with the ins-and-outs of the insurance-buying process, ghost brokers tend to target young people. Over a third of victims are aged 17-29, and they’re often drawn in through adverts on social media.

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