Panel Discussion- What’s the Plan? Health Insurers’ Responses to the Fraud Risks in 2021 – January 12th – 2:00 PM EST 

What’s the Plan? Health Insurers’ Responses to the Fraud Risks in 2021 

Panel Discussion – January 12th – 2:00 PM EST 

Around the world, COVID-19 has turned every aspect of our lives on its head. Our safety and well-being, our economies, our jobs. All industries have had to pivot one way or another, with healthcare and insurance squarely in the center of COVID-19’s impact.

This panel discussion will focus on how health insurers and administrators are responding to the significant increases in opportunistic and organized fraud risks. As controls and baselines keep shifting, business as usual is not an option.

In this session we’ll not only hear from our panelists, but also hope to learn what participant organizations are planning for 2021 in terms of detection and prevention strategies.


Debra Locke – Laboratory Services Administrator, SME –  UnitedHealthcare
Bill Mahon – President – The Mahon Consulting Group
Ricky D. Sluder, CFE – Sr. Pre – Sales Healthcare Consultant – Shift Technology
Rob McGinley – Global Health Offering Lead – Shift Technology
Jonnie Massey – Director SIU – Blue Shield of California

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