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Decisions Made Better

Each day, insurers make millions of decisions that impact their customers. Shift enables insurers to automate and optimize decision making with solutions that combine artificial intelligence with deep insurance expertise to deliver better outcomes for all.

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Intelligent decisioning across key insurance functions

Fraud Detection

Shift P&C Underwriting Fraud Detection

Detect potentially fraudulent entities and applications prior to account opening.

Shift P&C Claims Fraud Detection

Identify potential claims fraud with extreme accuracy and detailed contextual guidance to empower investigators.

Shift Healthcare Improper Payment Detection

Go beyond fraud, waste, and abuse detection to identify issues at the patient, provider, and network levels.


Shift P&C Claims Document Decisions

Extract, analyze, and verify structured and unstructured claims data to increase speed to settlement and drive efficiency.

Shift P&C Claims Intake Decisions

Deliver a seamlessly integrated claims experience across multiple channels with AI decision support.

Shift P&C Subrogation Decisions

Analyze structured and unstructured claims data in real time to efficiently identify and investigate subrogation opportunities.


Shift P&C Financial Crime Detection

Examine entities and transactions across the customer lifecycle to inform AML/KYC efforts and ensure compliance.

Why trust Shift to transform insurance decision making?

Extreme accuracy

Shift’s insurance decision solutions deliver greater-than-human accuracy.

100% explainability

Our solutions don’t simply deliver an answer. They explain the why behind every decision.

Ease of integration<br>& adoption
Ease of integration & adoption

Shift’s SaaS solutions are compatible with insurer core systems and workflows.

Deep data science expertise
Deep data
science expertise

Shift maintains the largest data science team in the world focused solely on insurance decisions.

Reliability & security
& security

We meet or exceed the security and data privacy standards of the world’s leading insurers.

Helping insurers see more, do more, and be more for their customers

See More
See More

Eliminate data silos. Gain unparalleled clarity when examining entities, claims and relationships. Identify previously unseen opportunities for cost savings and efficiency.

Do More
Do More

Automate routine tasks, freeing teams for what matters. Take action faster to benefit customers and drive financial performance. Augment workflows with explainable AI decision support.

Be More
Be More

Align resources where they can deliver the most value to policyholders and members. Empower innovation. Eliminate the barriers to great customer experiences and outcomes.

Every day, Shift solutions get smarter

transactions analyzed globally