Fight fraud with AI


The Shift Technology Solution leverages the best of AI to make insurers save money.

The recent scientific and technological progress in machine learning has enabled us to design better solutions to existing problems. The Shift Technology solution exploits it in a dedicated way for insurance with models that faithfully represent its complexity.

We work with claim handlers until our solution becomes their favorite tool.

Claim handlers are the main productive force of insurance companies. The decrease of the combined ratio first depends on their productivity and satisfaction. That is why we closely work with claim handlers, helping them use and understand our solution, until they master all of its aspects.

We provide insurance managers the means to supervise their digital transformation.

The digital transformation of insurance does not simply consist of integrating new technology and reorganising processes. It requires the right interplay between technology and people, supervised by the right vision. We provide insurance managers all the tools and support to achieve this transformation.

Our people speak both insurance and mathematics fluently.

Claim handling is highly technical because it requires taking every specific case into account. Futhermore these specificities vary between countries and insurance companies, due to different regulations, covers or claims processes. Our people adapt the solution to each insurer by working with claim handlers and translating their feedback into mathematical formulas.