Claims Automation

Automate and Optimize Claims Decisions with Confidence

Shift delivers powerful claims analysis capabilities built on a highly accurate AI decision engine.

Fast, efficient claims processing and settlement is the greatest driver of customer satisfaction across all insurance categories.

Today’s policyholders expect easy, intuitive claims submission across multiple channels. They also demand transparent claim status throughout the process and fast settlement and payment of claims.

At the same time, carriers benefit from maximizing the accuracy and speed of claims decisions. Shift Claims Automation addresses both challenges.

  • For policyholders, Shift Claims Automation delivers:
  • Amazing customer experiences

  • Easy claim submission

  • A transparent claim review process

  • Fast, fair settlement of valid straightforward claims

  • For insurers, Shift Claims Automation delivers:
  • Amazing customer experiences that contribute to improved retention

  • Full automation of many types of claims

  • Greater operational efficiency

  • Confidence that claims will be flagged for human review as needed

Shift Claims Automation: Digital Journey is an AI-powered solution that covers every aspect of digital claims submission, management, analysis, and decisioning. It is comprised of a carrier-branded UI and an ultra-accurate AI decision engine that integrates seamlessly with insurers’ core systems.

Digital Journey delivers a more efficient, transparent customer experience while reducing claims processing workloads and timeframes significantly.

  • Simplifies digital claim submission & analysis
  • Maps and uses all available internal & external data
  • Makes decisions throughout the claim with >99% accuracy and defers to human experts when this level of accuracy is not possible
  • Reduces claims processing timeframes
  • Delivers a world-class digital claims experience

Shift Claims Automation: Augmented Adjustment is an AI claims decision and triage engine that accurately analyzes claims submitted via multiple channels. The solution is designed to fully automate claims decisions when possible, while optimizing human decision-making with guidance and contextual information when full automation is not possible.

  • Delivers full automation of many types of claims
  • Accurately flags claims for human review as needed
  • Enables fast, fair settlement of claims
  • Integrates directly in your existing claims management system
  • Contributes to amazing customer experiences that improve retention


Fast, fair settlement of valid claims.

Claims which Shift judges as complete, covered, valid, and without evidence of fraud can be automated. This means that insurers can immediately settle and pay out a greater percentage of claims without the need for manual analysis.

Shift Technology has already automated 60% of water damage claims

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