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Working with a number of leading French Auto insurers, French insurance association ALFA set out to identify and defeat fraud impacting multiple insurance companies. Force, Shift Technology’s AI-native fraud detection solution, met or exceeded ALFA’s requirements, becoming ALFA’s preferred option.

Detects organized claims fraud across multiple insurers

By combining data from ALFA’s participating members, Force analyses over 30% of all French auto insurance claims. Force runs the claims data against a set of core fraud scenarios through an AI claims analysis engine. Claims that Force identifies as potentially fraudulent are sent to ALFA for further evaluation. If an alert is considered relevant, ALFA transmits it to member organizations as indication of organized fraud with supplemental information to aid the SIU investigation.

According to Maxence Bizien, Director of ALFA, “With Shift, ALFA has created something different for the insurance sector, something that will change the way in which companies collectively approach fraud.”

Learn more about the success of this project and how it is now highly respected by similar organizations across the globe.