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Property & Casualty Insurance

Shift's AI solutions enable P&C insurers to make fast, accurate decisions at every point in the policy to deliver better customer experiences, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs.


Enabling P&C insurers to offer more to their policyholders

Decisions shape the insurance industry. P&C insurers must make the correct decision, quickly, in every policyholder interaction, from underwriting to claims and beyond. Shift's AI solutions effectively automate and optimise insurance decisions, liberating insurers to innovate and find new ways to be there for their customers.

The world's leading P&C insurers rely on Shift for:

  • Accurate alerts for fraud and misrepresentation at the point of underwriting and policy activation to reduce leakage
  • AI-native claims fraud detection that effectively identifies individual and network fraud schemes and provides contextual guidance for investigators
  • Accurate decisions at the point of claims first notice of loss (FNOL), including AI document intake and analysis, and verification of claims details
  • More efficient use of human expertise thanks to insurance-trained AI that can handle many routine and complex tasks
  • Support for compliance efforts including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) initiatives

Featured Product

P&C Claims Fraud Detection
An AI-native fraud detection solution that uses insurer and vast third-party data to accurately identify and flag potential claims fraud and provide detailed contextual guidance to SIU investigators

Decisions Made Better for P&C Insurers 

Decisions Made Quickly
Decisions Made Quickly

Real-time AI analysis helps accelerate transactions from underwriting to claims and enables great customer experiences

Decisions Made Accurately
Decisions Made Accurately

Our solutions integrate internal and external data sources using insurance-specific AI models to deliver insight that empowers the entire claims team, regardless of experience, to make accurate decisions quickly

Decisions Made Thoughtfully
Decisions Made Thoughtfully

Shift's AI has analysed billions of claims to expose application fraud, misrepresentation, ghost broking, organised crime networks, fraudulent claimants and more. Our deep insurance data science experience gives our solutions reliable accuracy and ensures adherence to insurer policies and procedures

Decisions made transparently
Decisions made transparently

Shift AI is not a black box solution. Explainability is core to our decisioning solutions, enabling internal teams to understand, act on, and benefit from the logic behind our decisions

"By delivering deep insight into the claims we’re processing and making the connections that may not otherwise be made, Shift is changing how potential fraud is identified and investigated."
— Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President of Claim Analytics, Finance & Operations, Worldwide P&C Claims, CNA

Let's work together to transform insurance decision making!

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