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Life & Income Protection

Shift enables life and income protection insurers to accurately make decisions and detect fraud in real time with enhanced data and powerful, insurance-trained AI


Prevent unnecessary pay outs and costly litigation

Detecting and proving fraud in life and protection policies and claims is complicated involving months of manual investigation. If detection is even successful, significant benefits have often already been paid, and costly litigation is required to recoup anything. Shift's AI solutions enable life and income protection insurers to make fast, accurate decisions in real time on both individual and group lines,  delivering a measurable impact from underwriting to claims processing and fraud detection.

  • AI based platform detects missing and false information on applications and claims upon submission
  • Protect premiums for genuine insureds and avoid costly litigation by preventing fraud and financial crime ahead of any benefit payments
  • Save thousands of hours of investigation time as Shift's AI detection and visualisation shows handlers precisely why it has flagged cases
  • Gain a unique graphical viewpoint of beneficiaries, their claims history, employments and relationships with other insureds and providers
  • Support for compliance efforts including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) initiatives

Featured Product

Financial Crime Detection
An AI-native solution that uses insurer and vast third-party data to accurately identify and flag potential financial crimes and supports AML and KYC initiatives

AI-Powered Decision Support for Income Protection Insurers

Decisions Made Quickly
Decisions Made Quickly

Real-time AI analysis paired with explainable alerts for efficient investigations

Decisions Made Accurately
Decisions Made Accurately

Integrated internal and external data sources provide a full picture, with learning models for increased accuracy

Decisions Made Thoughtfully
Decisions Made Thoughtfully

Fair, consistent decisions powered by insurance-specific AI

Decisions made responsibly
Decisions made responsibly

ISO27001 and 27701 certified products and implementation processes

Let's work together to transform insurance decision making!

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