Financial Crime Detection

Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Manage Risk More Effectively.

Shift enables insurers to address a range of compliance challenges related to financial crime

Financial crime related to money laundering and funding of nefarious activities is a growing problem in the insurance industry. Identifying bad actors and suspect transactions can be time consuming and deliver sub-optimal results. 

Shift’s AI-powered Financial Crime Detection solution is an effective tool that enables insurers to address both the regulatory and operational aspects of financial crime detection with greater accuracy and efficiency. Shift flags suspicious transactions and individuals, provides clear investigative guidance through an intuitive dashboard, and empowers insurance investigators to root out financial crime and demonstrate compliance.

  • Key Features:
  • Identifies suspicious transactions with unmatched accuracy

  • Powerful AI-powered entity resolution

  • Leverages internal and external data sources

  • Identifies previously unseen connections between parties

  • Shift helps insurers:
  • Improve AML/KYC performance

  • Demonstrate best effort at regulatory compliance

  • Identify suspicious parties and activities beyond blacklists

  • Effectively investigate internal & external fraud

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