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Insurance carriers face three transformational headwinds in 2022:

  • Insurers are investing in a digital customer experience, but creating more online touchpoints has encouraged bad actors to commit fraud.
  • Digitally transforming policy and claims processes is a top priority, but legacy infrastructure often resists change.
  • The most experienced insurance talent is resigning, while fewer young employees see the industry as an attractive option.

This environment has created high stakes for the industry, and those who are slow to change will lose market share and revenue. Meanwhile, successful insurers are finding innovative ways to empower their claims fraud and SIU teams with technology. 

Join Celent analyst Andrew Schwartz as he leads a panel discussion exploring how AI can help strengthen employee skills and morale, while ultimately benefiting the customer experience (and mitigating fraud). Andrew’s guests are Todd Williams, Head of Claims at Bristol West and Alicia Holmes, SIU and Claims Consultant at Shift Technology, who discuss practical steps with examples for implementing technology investments to deliver on the modern customer experience.

Andrew Schwartz

P&C Insurance Analyst, Celent

Todd Williams

Head of Claims, Bristol West Insurance

Alicia Holmes

SIU and Claims Consultant, Shift Technology