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Behavioral Health claims have become some of the highest numbered and costliest claims in the United States. Many patients with BH disorders require complex evaluations, interventions and treatments generally over extended periods of time. With federal and state initiatives allowing for increased accessibility to services, changing codes and new forms of treatments covered, uncovering misbehaviors in behavioral health can be quite the moving target. 

Added to this challenge are providers who seek to leverage complexity and the vulnerable patients they serve with potentially fraudulent or misleading diagnoses. 

In this webinar health plans will learn how to reduce Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) and increase quality of care by gaining a better understanding of:

  • Upcoming Code and Policy Changes in 2023
  • Evolving and Emerging Schemes 
  • Manual  & AI-Powered Detection Methods
  • Impact of Improved AI Fraud Detection on Behavioral Health

Join Carlyn Hoffman, AHFI, Senior Investigator from Integrity Advantage and Mark Starinsky, AHFI, CFE from Shift Technology in a discussion on upcoming changes and trends in behavioral health to get ahead of these schemes in 2023.


Carlyn Hoffman, AHFI

Senior Investigator, Integrity Advantage

Mark-Starinsky-V1-150x150_bw (1)
Mark Starinsky, AHFI, CFE, CHC, SE

Healthcare Product Lead, Shift Technology