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Learn how insurers are utilizing AI to better understand their customers.

AI, and ChatGPT in particular, has the insurance industry buzzing. Where do these technologies fit within the value chain? Can they, or will they begin replacing human insurance professionals? How does AI impact an industry built on empathy and the concept of making policyholders “whole again” when the worst happens?

In many ways AI has the power to make insurance professionals even more empathetic and responsive to customer needs. Removing the most mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks from the claims process can make claims handlers more available for policyholders in need. Helping insurers make more informed decisions ensures claims are settled as quickly, accurately, and fairly as possible - to the benefit of insurer and insured alike. When humans partner with AI, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

Watch the recording of this webinar featuring panelists from Shift, Microsoft and Duck Creek, and moderated by Heart of the Customer, as they discuss how insurance companies are already utilizing AI to better understand their customers. Topics include:

  • Customer experience leaders and laggards
  • The role emotions play in human decision making
  • How innovative insurers link customer experience with business outcomes?
  • Real world examples of the impact AI on customer loyalty


Dan Donovan
Dan Donovan

Head of Customer Success, Shift Technology

Sasha Korol
Sasha Korol

Senior Director of Research & Innovation, Duck Creek

Microsoft_Bob Breynaert_Headshot2
Bob Breynaert

Director, Azure OpenAI Service Engineering, Microsoft

Jim Tincher_Heart of the Customer
Jim Tincher

CEO, Heart of the Customer