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Over the past few years, insurers have implemented an increasing number of digital touchpoints and automated systems. While convenient for the consumer, the perceived remoteness of digital transactions has led to an increase in fraud attempts across underwriting, claims, and subrogation. It has also meant an increase in the technical sophistication and creativity of these attempts, requiring more efficient and more sophisticated detection from insurers. How can insurers combat these new obstacles? 

Artificial intelligence has become table stakes in tackling the fraud that we see throughout the insurance cycle however- not all systems are equal. Shift AI brings additional significant layers of impact in detecting fraud with external data integration, deep data trends and insights, process improvements, and advanced network detection. Our AI is able to see patterns that humans cannot, at scale and with speed, completing in seconds what SIU teams might take months to uncover and becomes more effective with every claim analyzed. 

Join our experts to learn more about the impacts of AI throughout the policy and claims process. With a combined experience of more than 80 years working at top US carriers, Alicia Holmes, Michael Loiseau, and James Tesdall give their take on the policy and claims lifecycles and the transformation they undergo with the power of Shift AI. 


Alicia Holmes

Pre-Sales Consultant, Shift Technology

James Tesdall

Underwriting Subject Matter Expert, Shift Technology

Michael Loiseau

Subrogation Subject Matter Expert, Shift Technology

Renée Moussa

Claims Fraud Product Marketing Manager, Shift Technology