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Insurance is changing – learn which trends matter the most

It is an interesting time to be an insurer. Although insurers continue to make progress improving the customer experience, external pressures such as inflation threaten to reduce gains made in improving the cost of claims. The way insurers respond depends on their complete understanding of the insurance market. Here are a few changes they need to be aware of:

  • Continued innovations in the insuretech space mean incumbents are less risk-averse

  • Custom AI-solutions are delivering more value to insurance organizations

  • Mixed forecasts for companies offering a cyber-insurance line of business

  • Digital experiences provide improved links between insurers and distributors

  • AI is beginning to revolutionize the underwriting process

The insurance industry is poised for changes. Organizations both new and old may need to pivot to avoid being left behind. Download our new Aite-Novarica report and learn how to adapt to the approaching future.