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How AI is Automating Insurance Business Processes 

At its core, Insurance consists of a series of micro-decisions dependent on both time and data. These micro-decisions must be integrated into everyday business processes, especially core operational systems such as policy administration and claims management solutions, to increase efficiency and better decisioning.

Automating business processes and rules is not new. Many have implemented rules-based engines and business process management (BPM) software.  Still, Insurance is complex and heavily regulated, with state and regional exceptions quickly overwhelming these process models and solutions.  Ultimately, this leads to a massive repository of rules that is messy and difficult to maintain.

Yet, automation alone is not enough - adding intelligent decisioning to automation can improve the customer experience throughout the policy lifecycle.

This Impact Report intends to help understand:

  • Intelligent decisioning and how it is at the heart of transforming the P/C insurance industry.
  • Different use cases of AI and its applicability in automating processes across the insurance life cycle
  • Data-driven decision making and how it can improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience


AiteNovarica Intelligent Decisioning Report Cover