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How can insurers match increased fraud with advancing technology?

Insurance fraud doesn’t just continue to grow – it’s becoming more organized and diversified, with attackers developing sophisticated techniques. To match these advances, insurers need to adopt advanced fraud detection technology, namely artificial intelligence. Not all AI is the same, however, which means that insurers need to be careful about choosing the right vendor.

With this resource, insurance leaders can learn:

  • How to differentiate between claims fraud solutions

  • The most important AI vendors in a changing landscape

  • Key terms such as real-time detection and entity resolution

  • Drivers for and against AI adoption

  • How solutions need to adjust based on different lines of business

In an uncertain market, insurers need to cut down on costs – and insurance fraud is a key driver of expenses. Download our new Aite-Novarica report and learn how to choose an AI-native fraud detection solution that can drive ROI by preventing lost revenue.