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Recently, Shift Technology was recognized by Frost & Sullivan as an Enabling Technology Leader for Global Advanced Claims Solutions for the Insurance Industry. This marks the second time in the past two years that Shift has received recognition from Frost & Sullivan, having been identified as a Global Claims Solution for Insurance Market Leadership recipient in 2020

The report highlights Shift’s response to the customer need for a faster claims process as a key reason for its selection. Other indicators of Shift’s market leadership include the following:

  • Shift applies the AI technology it uses for its fraud identification solution to claims decisioning. 
  • Shift continues to expand the applications of its tech to the entire insurance claims process, speeding it up and improving customer-insurer relationship.
  • Shifts ability to resolve claims quickly and accurately, which is a major bonus for customers.

As important, Shift is fully committed to AI-native solutions designed specifically for the global insurance industry, and its expansion in solution offerings is directly related to meeting customer needs in the market.

To learn more about Frost & Sullivan award’s assessment of Shift Technology’s qualifications, download the full pdf.