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Learn how to fuel AI-powered insurance solutions with best-in-class data security

Underwriting Risk, Fraud Detection, Subrogation… To make important decisions in these key processes, your teams rely on good judgment. They also rely on accurate data.

But how can you be sure that this data is reliable, uncorrupted, sufficient and up-to-date?
Do you have safe and secure access to the right data to drive the right decisions?

Join our webinar as we explore 'Data Security: The Lock & Key to AI-Powered Fraud Detection.' Dive deep into the risks associated with data in fraud detection, underwriting and subrogation, and gain insights into effective actions and strategies to protect and ensure safe access to that data.

Attend this webinar to hear from thought leaders at Microsoft, TransUnion and Shift Technology as they share insights regarding robust data security measures, and ensuring a resilient defense against emerging threats in the dynamic landscape of insurance technology:

  • Data security and privacy in a fast-moving environment
  • Data integrity for trusted results
  • Measures to implement to avoid false positives.


Dennis Vanderlip

Director, Insurance Industry Solutions, Microsoft

Bilal Shaw
Bilal Shaw

Senior Director of Data Science Global Fraud Analytics, Transunion

Maxime Paul_214x150
Maxime Paul

Chief Data Scientist Europe, Shift Technology

Malike Bouaoud_214x150
Malike Bouaoud

Chief Information Security Officer, Shift Technology

Mike Braatz
Mike Braatz

Chief Marketing Officer, Shift Technology