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I recently joined Shift Technology to lead the company’s growth strategy and investment in the healthcare market. I’m excited about building healthcare products and AI led data driven decision models that can have a dramatic impact on health outcomes, member experience, and health plan performance. 

There is a significant opportunity to create vastly more efficient healthcare processes by integrating disparate healthcare data, applying deep learning models to automate complex decision processes and most importantly to drive actionable insights without compromising on care management, quality improvements and financial efficiency. Current approaches fail to leverage the opportunity AI & deep learning platforms present in driving significant improvements across the entire health plan value chain. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to scale the best-in-class AI led data driven solutions at Shift for our clients in the healthcare market.

We’re on an amazing journey here at Shift, and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of it!

For more information about Shift Technology's healthcare offering, reach out to us today.