Force Insurance Fraud Detection

Globally, 10-20% of all insurance claims contain some element of fraud. Until now, only a small fraction of that fraud was detected. Insurers were forced to balance between allocating time and resources to detect and investigate fraud with imperfect tools, or spending more on non-meritorious claims. 

That’s why we built FORCE. It’s the first AI-native, SaaS-based fraud detection solution designed specifically for the global insurance industry. FORCE is trusted by the world’s leading insurers, and will process more than 200 million claims in 2019. 

How it works

FORCE is a true AI solution that detects, alerts, and provides contextual guidance for resolving potentially fraudulent claims. Unlike other solutions which rely heavily on business rules, Force’s AI uses a vast amount of data from multiple sources to dynamically generate a fraud score for each claim with a 75% hit rate.

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Shift datacenters are state of the art, with SOC-1, SOC-2, and ISO 27001 certifications. Our applications and systems are regularly assessed by third party security firms. Likewise, employees are thoroughly trained on proper treatment of sensitive information in both its physical and virtual forms.

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Results are displayed on an ergonomic web interface designed to facilitate a fraud handler’s investigations and promote collaboration within teams. Alerts can be sorted, filtered, reassigned, and qualified. Based on proven fraud scenarios, explanations for suspicion are clear, concise, and actionable.


The Force interface provides clients with quantitative and qualitative claim reviews. This multipronged analysis increases a fraud handlers productivity allowing them to focus on only the most suspicious of their cases with preidentified paths for investigation. Furthermore, our SaaS model runs independently; all future maintenance, updates, and enhancements to the solution are deployed without any client intervention.

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Ai Expertise

Shift’s renowned research team is making ground-breaking progress in insurance-related machine learning. Our clients reap the benefits of the most advanced detection methods, tailored specifically for their unique fraud environments. We don’t simply send alerts, our data scientists work alongside fraud management teams to constantly improve scenario algorithms and ensure accurate modeling of ever-evolving fraud landscapes.