Stronger Together

by Jeremy Jawish

Recently, Shift was recognized by Microsoft for our contributions to their partner ecosystem. It’s not only a great honor, but also incredibly gratifying, to have the hard work of your team, and the value of your technology solutions, acknowledged publicly. We believe we’re doing something special, and it’s nice when someone else thinks so too.

These awards were also a great reminder that we’re not in it alone. The insurance industry is complex. The policy lifecycle is complex. The claims process is complex. And while Shift has created some amazing technology to help insurers automate and optimize the decisions that drive their businesses, we know that having other amazing companies around you to help solve those complex challenges makes everyone stronger. That’s what the Shift partner program is all about.

We’re working with leaders across the industry to make certain that insurers around the world have the technology solutions they need to ensure claims are settled as quickly, accurately, and fairly as possible; fight underwriting and claims fraud; and mitigate the risk of policies being used to commit financial crimes. And most importantly, by doing so we are making it easier for insurers and their employees to be there for customers when they need them the most.

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