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Reduce Fraud to Maximize Claims Efficiency 

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Fraudulent claims cost insurers billions every year and slows down the claims process. 

Carriers must act now to avoid being weighed down by the increasingly complex demands of claims delivery. 

So—how do you scale your claims process to deliver at scale? And how do you separate the bad apples from genuine claims? 

  • Pinpoint Fraud at All Stages: Identify bad actors and have a robust plan to identify and combat fraudulent claims so you can help those customers that need it most
  • The Keys to Managing Millions of Insureds: Segment and automate the claims process to provide rapid claims resolution at scale
  • Drive Efficiency in the Long Term: Leverage tools and tech to boost efficiency in claims processing 

Dan Donovan
Shift Technology
VP of Customer Success 


Daniel Peregrina
VP of Claims


Eric Sanders
Head of Claims,
North America