Luke Automated Claim Handling

Claim processing is the heart of the insurance business. Even small improvements that reduce processing time and increase accuracy can drive big results. Fast, accurate claim resolution translates directly to higher customer satisfaction and retention, and automating this core business function improves team productivity and efficiency. LUKE is the AI-native, SaaS-based solution that’s powering claims automation for the world’s leading insurers. It uses multiple data sources and proprietary AI, delivered by dedicated account-based Data Science teams to shorten claim handling timelines and drive innovation.

How it works

Luke applies AI to every applicable step in the claims process – from initial policyholder claim filing to the final settlement – to determine which stages can be automated and which may require claim handler intervention.

This results in an overall reduction in end-to-end handling time from weeks to minutes, while ensuring accuracy, reducing leakage and protecting the bottom line.

Luke’s AI-native claims automation augments your existing processes and procedures by offering data science resources and deep insurance expertise, in a SaaS+ solution that easily integrates with your existing core systems.