Luke AI-native Claims Automation

Accelerate and Automate Claims Decisions with Confidence.

Luke delivers powerful claims capabilities built around Shift’s highly accurate AI decision engine.

Fast, efficient claims processing and settlement is the greatest driver of customer satisfaction across all insurance categories.

Today’s policyholders expect easy, intuitive claims submission using their phone or computer. They also want transparent claim status throughout the process and fast settlement and payment of claims.

Luke makes it easy for insurers to offer this functionality and automate more claims with confidence — while defeating automation-related increases in claims fraud.

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  • For policyholders, Luke delivers:
  • Amazing customer experiences

  • Easy claim submission

  • A transparent claim review process

  • Fast, fair settlement of valid straightforward claims

  • For insurers, Luke delivers:
  • Amazing customer experiences that contribute to improved retention

  • Full automation of many types of claims

  • Greater operational efficiency

  • Confidence that claims will be flagged for human review as needed

Luke has three main components:

  • An intuitive, insurer-branded policyholder interface for claim submission
    & management
  • Automated, AI-powered workflow
    and claims processing
  • A powerful AI claims decision engine with integrated Force fraud detection

Easy to use policyholder claims submission interface

  • Customized to match insurer’s brand
  • Faster, more intuitive first notice of loss (FNOL) notification
  • Simple tools for document, photo, video, and form submission on any device

Luke’s AI-powered claims analysis:

  • Checks policy and claim data in real time
  • Verifies claim completion and eliminates back-and-forth phone calls and emails
  • Analyzes all claims data to determine potential for automation

Luke claims decisions always include fraud detection

  • Instantly identifies valid straightforward claims for payment
  • Analyzes claims for potential fraud with integrated Force fraud detection
  • Flags non-automatable claims for human review with supporting data


Fast, fair settlement of valid claims.

Claims Luke judges as complete, valid, and without evidence of fraud can often be automated. This means most insurers can immediately settle and pay out claims.

Shift Technology has already automated 60% of water damage claims

European P&C Insurer

Accurate fraud detection is the key to automated claims decisions.

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