Fireside Chat – How InsurTech is Changing The Insurance Claims Landscape – June 29th, 2021

Fireside Chat – From the big idea to implementation – how InsurTech is changing the insurance claims landscape

Fireside Chat- June 29th, 2:00 PM EST

Uber, Amazon, Grubhub, Drizly, and Instacart. What do these brands all have in common? Fundamentally, these companies, and others like them, have changed consumer expectations for “how business gets done” in the internet age. But what does this mean for insurers? Today, customers demand an “Amazon-like” experience from their carriers, not only when establishing a policy, but also when filing a claim.

This is the big idea – transforming the claims process into something fast, efficient, and fair, with minimal intervention from insurance professionals. So, how do we get there? Join expert panelists Bryan Falchuk, Marty Ellingsworth, and Kamala Wedding in an online fireside chat and networking session as they each discuss how carriers can make the “big idea” the “new reality” for the insurance industry.  

Bryan Falchuk – Founder & Managing partner – Insurance Evolution Partners
Marty Ellingsworth – Senior Analyst – Celent
Kamala WeddingSr. Customer Success Manager– Shift Technology
Rob Morton – Head of Corporate Communications  – Shift Technology

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