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Generative AI is everywhere we turn. The hype is as big as for any technology in recent memory, and its future potential seems limitless. But it’s not all hype and potential. Its use cases and value proposition are real, especially for the insurance industry.

Over the past 10 years, more than 115 insurance companies in 25 countries have benefitted from Shift’s AI, leading to better, faster and more accurate decisions across underwriting, claims, subrogation and fraud & risk. And for more than a year, many of them have adopted our GenAI solutions to supercharge those very same processes.

It’s time to learn about the best insurance use cases for Generative AI and the underlying language models (LLM), and to discover the value these technologies are delivering for insurers around the world.

Are you ready to join the GenAI revolution? Watch the recording of our webinar as we explore 'Beyond the Hype: Real Examples Showing how GenAI is Already Benefiting Insurers', where you’ll learn:

  • Which technologies and Large Language Models (LLM) are the foundation for AI and GenAI adoption
  • The use cases and business processes in which Shift customers are seeing a significant impact from the use of GenAI
  • How GenAI will change the insurance landscape in the short and long term


Eric Sibony

Co-Founder & Chief Product and Science Officer, Shift Technology

Arnaud Grapinet

Chief Data Scientist, Shift Technology

Grady Behrens

Product Marketing Leader, Shift Technology

Mike Braatz

CMO, Shift Technology