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The PLRB 2022 Technology and Claims Symposium will examine current and future trends in technology that help improve current efficiencies and practices for claims professionals. Shift Technology will be joining the symposium along with 60+ service providers from across the nation. 

We are thrilled to host a breakout session at PLRB, Getting Ahead of Fraud: New Approaches to Spotting Fraud Faster, on two days – July 28, 9:30 - 10:30am and July 29, 9 - 10am. Shift Head of Customer Success, Americas, Kamala Wedding, will discuss:

  • Methods and technologies used to identify potential fraud in the claims process
  • How attendees can gain insight into the technologies available to claims professionals in the fight against fraud
  • Whether artificial intelligence can be used to apply context to suspicious claims to aid claims handlers and investigators alike


Lastly, be sure to visit us at Booth #200 in the Expo hall to meet our team of insurance professionals and pick up cool swag! If you would like to book a private meeting with our team, please click the link below.

Book a Meeting with Shift while at the Symposium

Kamala Wedding

Head of Customer Success, Americas, Shift Technology